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Keong Mas (English Version)

Kertamarta king is the king of the kingdom of Daha. King have two daughters, his name and Candra Dewi Galuh Kirana is beautiful and good. Candra Kirana was betrothed to Crown Prince Royal Kahuripan Raden Inu is the good and wise Kertapati.
      Kertamarta king is the king of the kingdom of Daha. King has two daughters, his name Goddess Candra Kirana Galuh and beautiful and good. Candra Kirana already betrothed by Royal Crown Prince Raden Inu Kertapati Kahuripan the good and wise.
      But Candra Kirana siblings are very jealous of Maya Galuh Candra Kirana,
because Galuh Maya put a heart on the Raden Inu then Galuh Maya meet grandma
magic to curse Candra Kirana. He also slander so Candra Kirana expelled from the Palace. When Candra Kirana walking down the beach, my grandmother came magic and bewitched him a golden snails and throw it into the sea. But the magic is lost when the golden snail meet her fiance.
      One day a grandmother is looking for fish with nets, and transported gold snail. Brought home the Golden Conch and placed in jars. The next day the grandmother was looking for fish again in the sea but not seekorpun obtained. But when he
in his cabin until he was shocked because it was available dishes
delicious. The old woman wondered who send this dish. Similarly, the next day the old woman underwent similar events, the next morning the grandmother pretended to sea he had a peek at what happens, it turns golden snails
turned into a beautiful girl and direct cooking, then grandmother admonished him "who the hell you princess beautiful? '"I am the daughter of an enchanted kingdom of Daha  a slug of gold by my brother because he was jealous kepadak u "the golden snail, Candra Kirana then turned back into a golden snail. Grandma was stunned to see it.
      While Inu Kertapati prince would not say anything when Candra Kirana know
disappeared. She began to look for a way disguised as ordinary people. Grandmother magic finally out and transformed himself into a raven to harm Raden Inu Kertapati. Raden Inu Kertapati shocked to see a crow that can
speech and identify its purpose. He considered it sacred and the crow
Raden Inu obeyed when given the wrong direction. Journey Raden Inu
met a grandfather who was starving, my grandfather gave it to eat.
Apparently my grandfather was a good magic. He has helped Raden Inu of crows
      Grandfather was a crow hit with his stick, and the bird up in smoke. Raden Inu finally told where Candra Kirana is located, he sent it away Raden Dadapan village. After walking for days Dadapan came to the village. He went to a
hut he saw to ask for a sip of water since his supply had run out.
But she was very surprised, because from his window he saw her fiance is
cooking. Finally, the magic is lost because of an encounter with Raden Inu. But at
when it appears the owner of the hut and the grandmother's daughter Candra Kirana introduce Raden Inu the grandmother. Raden Inu finally bring his fiancee to the palace, and Candra Maya Kirana told the king acts Galuh Kertamarta.
      Sire apologize to Candra Kirana and vice versa. Maya Galuh punished
in kind. Out of fear, Galuh Maya fled to the woods, then he stuck
and fell into a ravine. Candra Kirana and eventually married Raden Inu
Kertapatipun place. They bring a good-hearted grandmother Dadapan it to the palace and they lived happily.
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